Break the limit – unlimited number of DALI devices on the DALI bus

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Break the limit - unlimited number of DALI devices on the DALI bus

It is easy to bypass the limitation of the 64 DALI devices on the DALI bus. It can be done with a stand-alone solution where you via a DALI link module can connect an infinite number of DALI-segments

According to the DALI protocol you can install 64 DALI devices as a maximum to each DALI bus. Normally this is adequate for most DALI installation solutions.

The limitation may be a problem when installing major lighting systems in sports halls, industrial halls and similar. In these types of installations the luminaires often are equipped with 2 DALI coils, so in reality each luminaire equals 2 DALI devices on the bus. Therefore the number of DALI devices can easily be more than 64 devices, if more than 32 luminaires are included in the installation.

With a DALI link-module from Niko-Servodan it is easy to exceed the limitation of 64 DALI devices by dividing the installation into the required number of DALI segments, each with max 64 DALI devices. Then connect the DALI segments with the DALI link-module which has integrated repeat function. The DALI link-module transfers all DALI commands to the connected DALI segments, and thus one can in principle connect an infinite number of DALI devices to a single installation. Each DALI segment must be supplied from own DALI power supply.

The DALI link-module can be used as repeater for DALI installations independent of supplier. For the installer this is a simple stand-alone solution and no additional programming is required.

Learn more about the DALI-Link module no. 70-021.


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