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Bring energysaving and comfort into focus!

Many choose lighting control to achieve energy savings, other to increase comfort. Regardless of the choice, it takes a very professional effort. Nobody is interested in paying money for something that doesnt live up to the expectations.

As in many other cases, a thorough preliminary work can be profitable. By choosing the right products and thinking about the placing the first time, you are already close to a solution that both the electrician and the end customer can be satisfied with.


Less problems, satisfied customers - thats really something everybody can understand.

You have to choose

But how do I make my preliminary work the best?, you may ask. If we talk about sensors for lighting control, it is essential to find out which function you want. Do you want the light to turn on and off automatically, or do you want to turn on the light when entering the room? Have you considered taking advantage of the incomming daylight? Maybe it is a wish to dim the light instead of just turning it on and off?


Rooms and how we use rooms are really different, so we got to be as precise as possible when it comes to selecting sensors and/or systems.

Get going with lighting control

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If you have any questions about lighting control, please dont hesistate to contact us at once - we have alot of experience with lighting control.


Also have a look at our Support Concept for a totally proffesional handling of your lighting control project.


Regarding coverage, the new standard for presence detectors in the 700- and 750-series is based on the well-known detector 41-300, which undoubtedly is the most sold detector in Denmark over time. 


With the 700- and 750-detectors you will get long life detectors in a modern design for both flush and surface mounting. The master/slave versions in a number of variants that you can use in almost any room and applications.

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