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Limited use of dangerous substances in electric and electronic material (RoHS directive 2002/95/EF)

Servodan A/S is developing and manufacturing products, which fulfil the EU demands in force. We are following the development in the environmental sector, so that we always are abreast of new demands.


The interpretation of the European Committee: (Frequently asked questions on directive 2002/95/EC, RoHS interpretation of ,,Put on the market", takes place when the product is transferred from producer to distributor).


Servodan A/S can so inform you, that our product range as early as the 1. July 2006 fulfils the demand for limited use of dangerous substances as stated in the directive 2002/95/EF.


In the light of this interpretation Servodan can as manufacturer confidently sell old stock in trade until the 1. July 2006. Our distributors/dealers can for that reason confidently sell products from their stock in trade after the 1. July 2006.

RoHS declaration per June 20, 2013.


Regarding coverage, the new standard for presence detectors in the 700- and 750-series is based on the well-known detector 41-300, which undoubtedly is the most sold detector in Denmark over time. 


With the 700- and 750-detectors you will get long life detectors in a modern design for both flush and surface mounting. The master/slave versions in a number of variants that you can use in almost any room and applications.

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