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There are many kinds of detectors to choose from, and you must therefore make sure that the detector you choose satisfies your requirements and needs. Some types can be used inside and outside, while other types should be used indoors.


You often need several types of detectors for the same control.


Motion detectors

A motion detector switches on the lights when it detects movement and a temperature change of ±5°C. Motion detectors are called PIR detectors (passive infrared). But a motion detector is not just a motion detector. Servodan develops detectors that each have their own strengths, so it is important to choose the right detector for the room.

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Presence detectors

A presence detector is actually an extra sensitive motion detector that allows it to detect movement as small as 2-3 cm, the so-called "small motions". It can thus "see" people in a room, even though they barely move, for example when making IT work.
If you want optimal registration of people in a room, presence detectors are obviously preferable. If you choose a presence detector PLUS - ie a detector which combines PIR technology with ultrasound - you get an unmatched detection that recognizes people, even when they are hidden behind racks or enclosures.






Regarding coverage, the new standard for presence detectors in the 700- and 750-series is based on the well-known detector 41-300, which undoubtedly is the most sold detector in Denmark over time. 


With the 700- and 750-detectors you will get long life detectors in a modern design for both flush and surface mounting. The master/slave versions in a number of variants that you can use in almost any room and applications.

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