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As a leading manufacturer of intelligent lighting control Servodan is conscious of its responsibility to help reducing CO2-emmisions and the harmful effects on climate. Since 1958 we have had a strong focus on developing, producing and selling components and solutions that maximizes lighting comfort for humans, and at the same time helps to reduce energy consumption for lighting. We strive to make our contribution to a greener environment by working for a growing use of intelligent lighting control in companies and public organizations and institutions in the current 20 markets worldwide where Servodan operates. 

Massive energy-savings through 50 years
Although the climate debate is quite recent, Servodan has worked with energy reduction solutions for many years. Solutions, which over time has resulted in a significant reduction in energy consumption for lighting and thus have had great positive climate impacts.

In the period 1960 to 2008 Servodan has sold over 2.1 million lighting control components, divided into the following 5 product groups:

  • Outdoor controls
  • Day/night switches 
  • Outdoor movement sensors
  • Indoor controls
  • Indoor movement sensors, stand-alone


Summing up the average savings in kWh per year for the respective components within the 5 product groups, it gives an overall saving of 1.4 billion kWh - or a total saving of 902,000 tonnes of CO2 accumulated from 1960 until 2008.

902,000 tonnes of CO2 is a quite large number which corresponds to over 250,000 Danish households have become CO2-neutral with regard to their electricity consumption. Or that more than 200,000 older cars have become CO2-neutral. The real figures however, are actually several times larger. The energy-saving per component is only counted in the year they were sold. But as experience shows, a Servodan component can easily last for 10, 15 and 20 years - and thus the total CO2-reduction is in fact far greater.  

Servodan is therefore making a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions year after year, helping businesses and organizations to cut dramatically on the electricity bill - and not the least to provide users with optimum lighting comfort. And that alone is almost enough motivation for us to work even harder to put intelligent lighting control on the agenda. 


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 Servodan is participating in various networks, seeking to improve our climate, reduce energy and create sustainable solutions, including:





Regarding coverage, the new standard for presence detectors in the 700- and 750-series is based on the well-known detector 41-300, which undoubtedly is the most sold detector in Denmark over time. 


With the 700- and 750-detectors you will get long life detectors in a modern design for both flush and surface mounting. The master/slave versions in a number of variants that you can use in almost any room and applications.

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