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Simple configuration
using your smartphone

Now you can configure detectors in a simple and intuitive way. All you need is to install the Niko Sensor Tool app on your smartphone. Having done that you can configure detectors without any other auxiliary tools as computer, remote control or similar. The step by step guide makes it easy to configure detectors, even though it includes advanced modes as multizone, day/night mode, several lighting scenarios etc. You transfer the configuration to the detectors via an IR-dongle in the smartphone jack connector. 

Step by step guide
The Niko Sensor Tool app gives you a completely new and user-friendly experience when configuring detectors. A wide range of solutions typical in your everyday work are defined in the app. Select the required option and then you will automatically be guided through the configuration step by step.

App secures uniform configuration
During the configuration you can always customize the configuration according to specific needs and requirements. These customized settings can be stored in the app for later use. This ensures uniformity in configuration of several rooms, and subsequently facilitates preparation of the statutory documentation.

Wireless transfer via IR-dongle to detector
An IR-dongle must be used to transfer the configuration from smartphone to detector. The IR-dongle must be connected to the smartphone mini-jack connector and must be directed towards the detector during the configuration, where wireless IR-transfer between the smartphone and the detector takes place.


See list of app ready detectors. 

See the Niko Sensor Tool brochure.



Niko Sensor Tool

Niko Sensor Tool is an app for configuration of Niko-Servodan DALI and ON/OFF detectors.
Using the Niko Sensor Tool you only have one configuration tool for all detectors.  

The app is free and available for iPhones and Android mobile phones.   


Regarding coverage, the new standard for presence detectors in the 700- and 750-series is based on the well-known detector 41-300, which undoubtedly is the most sold detector in Denmark over time. 


With the 700- and 750-detectors you will get long life detectors in a modern design for both flush and surface mounting. The master/slave versions in a number of variants that you can use in almost any room and applications.

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